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Several of the railway games for the PC allow users to create their own scenarios or timetables. I have created the following:


Simsig is a pure signalling simulator that has a mix of free and 'paid-for' simulations. UK coverage is increasingly thorough and through users both current and historical timetables can be produced. As part of this I have produced additonal timetables for Waterloo, North London, Kings Cross, Edinburgh, Central Scotland / Cowlairs, Motherwell, Westbury and Stourbridge Jn simulations. These are listed fully on the SimSig page and can be downloaded there or on the 'user contributions' page of the SimSig site.


Additional timetables for Euston and Exeter fully explained on this page.

Railroad Tycoon

The area used is north of Glasgow and Edinburgh, it is possible to create all the routes that existed to reasonable accuracy and gradients. Of note is the use of two zones as traffic sources called 'England via Carlisle' and 'England via Newcastle'.
The terrain was created from the data in Microsoft World Atlas as explained in the file RT2maps.doc and then locally edited to suit. There are two scenarios in each file, one aimed at following the life of the Highland Railway expanding from Inverness, and the second for operating as any of the other 4 Scottish railways. Win conditions are based upon timely expansion and connecting to cities whilst remaining solvent.

Unzip the the zip-file into the map directory in Railroad Tycoon2, e.g.
C:\Program Files\Railroad Tycoon II\maps
C:\Program Files\Railroad Tycoon II - TSC\maps
Download for RT2 and for RT2-SC. Both are 650kb zip files.

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