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GENSHEET email list

How the list works

The subscribers send emails to the list address and they are then copied out to all the subscribers, including back to the sender. For easy sorting the messages have [Gensheet] added to the title. This enables you to set up your email programme to filter email with [Gensheet] in the subject line into a separate folder.
As for content that is mainly down to you, although an email for the weekend diversions is usually posted by me on Thursday. GENSHEET is not about railtours using rare track so please keep those items for the Railtour-News list.
Please note that initial subscriptions are moderated to prevent spam reaching the list. This will delay your first few posts by a few hours. The list also does not accept file attachments in emails as a virus prevention measure. Files may however be uploaded into the group filespace, and then just send a message to tell everyone that it is there.
Join with Yahoo ID

Join list directly
There are numerous other railway interest mailing lists at yahoogroups ranging from the ubiquitous rail-gen to Railtour News, and similar area-based groups, and the groups for various forms of traction like Modern-EMU.

Setting up your inbox for Outlook / Outlook Express

Using Outlook Express you go Tools|Inbox assistant|Add and get the following screen :

Outlook Express Inbox setup screen

Type [gensheet] in the subject box and pick the folder you want your Gensheet messages to go in the 'Move to' box. In the example I have created a folder called List:Gensheet. The procedure for Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger and Opera Mail are similar.

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