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The page links here to the pages within websites that are used to announce engineering and emergency diversions. These may also include revised timetables for download and often cover several weeks or months in advance.

Nationalrail & Network Rail Websites

This site has the following pages, supplied on behalf of all train operators, under the banner '' :
Main page linking to train running, special offers and other information.
Online public timetable in easy access formats
Network Rail working timetables
Network Rail public timetables
Todays report giving up to the minute train running information and advance notice of engineering work similar to teletext.
Advance engineering information
Live train running reports from most major stations.
Operational Rules page, linking to the Engineering Access documents (formerly Rules of the Route)
Links to the more relevant documents
Note that the ROTR/EAS active pdf file structure can be rather flaky due to directory structure faults and capital letters getting into the file names and directories. How bad this affects you will depend on browser and pdf reader settings. It seems better in Microsoft IE than Firefox or Opera

Operator Websites

Note that many deep linked pages are normally seen within frames and so can be without navigation. The main home page is also given. Some operators also offer real time information, just like checking the screens at the station. Where the train operator uses Journeycheck this is noted, along with whether this covers future engineering work (+E)

Links to TOC Engineering Information Pages

Train operator GBTT Link Main site
home page
C2C (London Tilbury & Southend) 1 Click
Journeycheck +E
East Anglia 10-22 Click
Journeycheck +E
Great Northern locals 24, 25 Click
East Coast 26 Click Click
Hull Trains 29 Click Click
Grand Central
(Bradford & Sunderland - London)
32,44 Click Click
Transpennine Express 29,39,65 Click Click
Northern 30-48
Click Click
Thameslink locals 52 Click
East Midlands
(St Pancras Main line and Nottingham based local services)
49, 53 Click Click
Cross Country Trains 47, 51 Click Click
West Coast Main Line 65 Click Click
London NorthWestern
(London - Birmingham - Crewe - Liverpool stopping services)
66,82 Click Click
West Midland Railway
(Birmingham based local services)
66-74 Click Click
Merseyrail 103-107 Click Click
Chiltern Railways 114,115 Click Click
Great Western
(Main line and Local)
116-144 Click Click
(Local services)
Click Click
South West Railway
(Portsmouth, Bournemouth lines)
147-167 Click Click
Southern Railway
(Brighton Lines)
170-192 Click
Journeycheck +E
Gatwick Express 185 Home page Click
SouthEastern Trains
(Kent lines)
194-212 Click
Scotrail 216-243 Posters Journeycheck Click
Scottish Sleepers 65 Click Click
Northern Ireland   Journeycheck +E Click
London Tubes, Overground and DLR 5,20,62
Now & Weekend
Long term
Tyne & Wear Metro   Click Click
Manchester Metrolink Trams   Home Page Click
Sheffield Supertram   Click Click
Nottingham Trams   Home Page Click

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