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Liverpool St Rebuild slideshow

Slideshow of Liverpool St before, during and after the Broadgate redevelopment. While the 'west' side of platforms 1 - 8 was given an extended roof and longer platforms, the tracks in the 'east side' platforms 11 - 18 lost their high roof to become undergound below an office block

East side concourse, with several sets of steps leading up to Bishopsgate in 1984. Similarly to the west side, a refreshment room is over some of the staircase, while the far side has a pub under them. All this roof and the end wall was removed, with the new exit and escalators going out roughly where the 5 windows are
Typical EMU lineup on the east side platforms 1985.
East side buffer stops in April 1984
East side train shed and indicator board in April 1984
East side train shed and indicator board in April 1984, showing the Harwich boat train and the connecting services at Hook
Enlargement of the indicator board showing the Harwich boat train and the connecting services at Hook to Amsterdam (D217) and Kobenhavn / Berlin / Moscow (D237)
Platform 11 and 12 in April 1984, with one section of the 'red bridge' ending on platform 11, the other section continued around to Bishopsgate.
Engineering work in platform 10, 1985
Complex trackwork of platforms 9 and 10 in 1986, shortly after Norwich services were electrified to Ipswich. Loco is 86243
Platform 9 & 10 buffers in 1987, just before the main rebuilding work started. The 'red bridge' spanned the west side, giving access through the wall to the eastern platforms avoiding the long P9 and P10.
A Harwich boat train in platform 9, 1986. Loco is 47586.
Platforms 9 and 10, 1984
The same view now in the completed station, P8 on the right
Indicator board and platform ends of P7 / P8, which are single tracks due to the roof supports falling between them.
Platform 8, often used to hold a loco for the next departure from P9.
Platforms 7 and 6 in the new station looking to the extended replica roof. Platforms 7 and 8 are unusual in having the roof supports fall between them.
Platforms 5 and 6 during the rebuild, with the old roof partly removed. The 309 in the west side has come from Walton and is here to make departure ECS to Thornton Fields CS easier. Broad Street has already closed and is being built upon already.
The refreshment rooms (pub) on the east side, the red stairs can be seen going up underneath it, in September 1985. Platforms 1 - 8 are now extended through this area.
Platform 5 & 6 nearing the end of the rebuild in 1990 with temporary buffers at around the original length.
The west roof is removed showing the hotel frontage, and the west side booking offices demolished and excavating for the platform extensions (1-8) is going on. A new roof, matching the old, would later be built.
Platform 2 with a 3-car 'Jazz train' EMU 305445 in the platform, likely for Enfield Town.
Newly finished view around P7/P8 and the hotel frontage.
The blue flap indicator board did not last long, replaced by an electronic display.
Main station entrance on the west side in original condition, looking down from Liverpool Street itself. This area meant that platforms 1 to 8 were shorter. Broad Street station was to the left, but already demolished.
A similar view of the reconstructed station and the new section of roofing over the P1-P8 extensions.

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